Our Services

Our Services

Enhanced Access

As part of our Enhanced Access Service, Penge PCN member practices are working together to provide more appointments on weekday evenings and on Saturdays.

These appointments may be at any one of our member practice locations. The clinician you see, regardless of location will have full access to your electronic medical record and will be able to consult as you would expect if you were seen at your registered practice. Appointment times during enhanced access hours must be pre-booked and walk-ins will not be permitted. Appointments are made via your registered practice.

Free Online Webinars

Penge PCN has partnered with HCA Healthcare UK, to provide free online patient webinars. Our free, monthly webinars provide an excellent platform offering education about various health topics, medical conditions, preventative measures, and lifestyle choices.

You can participate from the comfort of your home, or any location with an internet connection. Each webinar is recorded and will be made available for viewing later via our website.

Our next Webinar is on Tuesday 25th June 2024 from 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Menopause Community Webinar

Join this free webinar with Consultant Gynaecologist and chair of the British Menopause Society, Mr Haitham Hamoda.

Mr Hamoda practices at Kings College Hospital, London and London Bridge Hospital, part of HCA Healthcare UK.

Mr Hamoda will provide you with an up-to-date, evidence-based talk on Menopause, including learning about managing menopause symptoms, hormone replacement therapy, nutrition tips, and more. Our experts will provide valuable insights and answer your questions. Don’t miss this opportunity to take control of your health during this life stage!

Health Hub

The Penge Primary Care Network Health Hub is an opportunity for patients from across our six practices to come together for various health and wellbeing sessions.

Since its launch on March 2023, the hub has been at the forefront of promoting holistic health practices and community engagement.

Hub Success

Dr. Anita’s educational session on lifestyle medicine proved to be a highlight, empowering attendees with evidence-based knowledge and practical tips for improving their overall wellbeing. The positive feedback received from patients has been overwhelming, with many expressing gratitude for the opportunity to learn from healthcare professionals in a relaxed and friendly environment. Building on this success, the hub is now looking to expand its educational sessions, with a focus on hypertension, diabetes, women’s health, and cancer awareness.

By addressing prevalent health concerns, the hub aims to equip attendees with the necessary information to manage these conditions effectively.

In addition to offering educational sessions, we also offer free health checks, social support and signposting as well as guest speakers from a variety of local healthcare providers and voluntary sectors.